THE SCINTILLA: SCIREAL & Story, Where it began and goes from here.

SCINTILLA: According to some advocates all opposing testimony in every case is “a tissue of lies without a scintilla of truth” This word “scintilla” is another word without which some men would find it difficult to practice law. The Problem of Proof Especially as Exemplified in Disputed Document Trials by Albert Sherman Osborn. 1922 at pg 262.


My mother’s life became my life when the New York Times used her to get to me. I’m not easy to deter, I hear death. Death was a gift from my government and it happened in my childhood. I’ve always been isolated and only sometimes been well read. I like doing, even if in my head.

50 yrs Electronic Surveillance – An athletic, intelligent, pretty woman my mother worked in Washington for the Navy. She then worked for the Airline Industry – Capital, Mohawk, Allegheny and UsAir – before she briefly helmed her own Travel Agency. McCur Travel, Erie, Pa.

A prolific reader of politics, travel, Toffler, Edgar Casey, she had been a published writer in her teens. Rewarded by an Ohio Police Chief for her article a newspaper published about a teen, a peer, who died in an auto crash, alcohol was involved, she eloquently attacked silence among her peers about abuse at home. She was writing about a topic close to her own family, her father being an alcoholic. Later in life the same desire to please and volunteer that had helped her and my father start his pseudo political career in the Masons, led her to self destruct.

She had a privileged Catholic education in high school, in the newspapers several times for basketball, theater, and her beauty. The church taught her to write and think for herself.  Caustically, she went out in the world as a career women, the church told her not to exercise those skills. The church likes money, free labor and lies.  My mother’s high school education was better than the education of some college graduates but it could not protect her from bullying.

She married a man who told her he went to Harvard. I smile when I write, she felt betrayed to find out he might have only gone to Wharton. She married again an outgoing social man who graduated from UCLA at Berkeley. It really didn’t mean that much to me until years later I brought a notorious Hacker representative into our household for a few days – to exchange some research. My father maintained his cool, the ultra conservative he was.

In mean times, my mother had been part of a class action for the Dalkon Shield in the 1980’s.  The court case had been administered by Judge Robert Merhidge, who later, in an action that was not a coincidence, was moved to the Florida Middle District of Florida Courts to clean it out. It was written of the Rocket Docket Judges of his time, a throw of the dice decided the case. Snake eyes, February 1991, the National Law Review reported the Middle District Court of Florida had stopped all trials by jury as they had a backlog of cases that was being pared down. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 had finally gotten past President Bush.

I was the last case Judge Mehridge had on his docket that Friday in January. Greg, his Law Clerk, called me at home to ask if I was coming after I had filed a motion to appeal the lack of trial by jury. The 1991 civil rights act allowing trial by jury had just been vetoed by President Bush. Greg told me the Judge wanted to book his flight back to Virginia. He wanted to know if I was coming.

I had been hit with cars so many times since the NY Times had started the electronic blacklist, I was being hazed by the electronic news including radio, that I voluntarily gave up my drivers license. It had become traumatic, I was knee capped by a car in one instance. This is what I described to the court as a round of 3rd party assaults that the media blacklisting process initiated in the 1980’s. I didn’t have a ride.

The court had a case backlog.  Law Firms used delay tactics, hiring Judge’s and Magistrate’s Law Clerks out from under them. A delay tactic the 9th Circuit ended years later, finding it also a conflict of interest. I also later found Judge Merhidge had a conflict of his own, as he had been censored for calling a colleague a son of a bitch (In Re Beard).

Patricia Anderson, one of Plaintiff’s 6 attorneys, had been arguing with me about a paper I received by mistake. She told me it was a mistake that I was sent a COPY of Rahdert & Anderson’s client list. That list included a large number of media clients. My goal in the Retaliation count left to argue in the Title VII was to tie all the media to a pattern of blacklisting. I could have used the word bitch, sending me the list was NO MISTAKE.

The tourism industry, although many travel agencies were run by women by the 70’s, was awash in sexism, alcohol and dangerous partnerships. The International Airlines were run by their perspective governments.

The Airline representatives who came to ask women to write tickets for their airlines were men who would not allow their own wives to work, well I always imagined them that way after working with them.

In my teens my household had intellectual debates nobody in my middle class neighborhood experienced. There was also too much alcohol in the house, and escalating violence in the community. My family owned 1/3 of Gudgeonville*, a valley where decades later a historic covered bridge was burned down. It was also the place where my family’s cabin/trailer was burnt to the ground.  The family who left our house had abandoned a library in the basement, that later was to become my rock.  Architecture, Slaughterhouse Five, DaVinci were found behind the bar in the basement. I was told the young man who had lived there, possibly read these books, had killed himself.

I made my basement a photographic darkroom, an artist’s den at 16. I began to travel for my mother’s travel agency a year later. That was another privilege that isolated me from my peers. My mother and her best friend/partner tried to set me up on dates, Canadian mostly. The other foreigners were not “suitable”.

I didn’t need anyone’s approval to study, write, or think.  I confronted skeptically religion, art and science. Blowing up my bedroom as a young teen, there was light everywhere. The concept that you could evaporate alcohol in a room and light it up, was amazing.  Simple, eh?

I never lost my obsession for learning how things are made and how a process worked after that. When I met a goal to work for a New York Times Company, because I thought they would publish articles about surveillance technology – barely written about in the 70’s-80’s, I never expected that my intellectual zeal would lead to never ending violence and perversion. I call them the Monsters in the whorehouse, Journalists.

30 yrs Blackballed in America No Health Care, No Income, Lawlessness-Brutality-Violence. Everyone wants attention from the monsters. Monsters are money, commercials, air time and a complicated revolving door of corporations with growing financial interests in satellites and surveillance. RCA has owned NBC the same time they owned Hertz, when I worked there.

I remember one woman who I liked from that time, her name was Eva. She was a staff photographer’s wife. One day she came to work. We had a call for a fire, she experienced how her husband treated women he worked with. She openly called him a PIG. That was the big truth about that group of photographers in the 80’s.  The Lakeland Ledger Photography Department were allowed to be pigs – for decades.

I read later she died young of cancer, it was the first time I had any sadness for any of the people I had met there. Their wives still cover up for their sexism today, they were almost all Catholic and the church encouraged hazing as well.

Conspiracy of Pigs – Animal Farm

These pigs were not alone, they were bolstered by other pigs. By 1986, I had met with Terry Eiler from the Department of Journalism at Ohio University about blacklisting in the industry.  In a crushing moment, where he had a lack of understanding about what I wanted to do, he told me women in my position were deliberately kept impoverished, comparing me to two women photojournalists.

My interest is in the science and in storytelling tools to make change, photography is a tool. I started to learn in my own darkroom at 16, built with the help of my cousin a self taught professional studio photographer. I went on after that to be the first woman hired at a TV station to create & sell commercials.  Moving film was the direction I was headed as a storyteller.  Film as a tool.

It’s the story that matters, isn’t it? I was a little girl for whom the Monsters were not under the bed, they were in the sky & on TV.

A Certified Copy of Pamela J. Curry vs. The Ledger Publishing Corp.Defendant Case No 89-561 CIV-T-10 (B), where all the counts were dismissed in a Title VII sans one. In 1988 I sued the NT TIMES for their use of Computerized Data, OMISSIONS in that Data making it defamatory, violating State and Federal Laws in how it was disseminated. I filed it with an Exemplified copy of a United Nations Document forged in 1988 that became a United Nations Resolution after 1990. The Title VII described how the MEDIA, not just this newspaper, us electronic data and Satellite Surveillance technology to blacklist individuals.

I have a special skill in this area that is not related to computerized documents but to the surveillance technology. I hear radio waves at a different level than the average person, you know HERTZ – like the last corporation I worked for. When combined with my studies in DATA I can provide an evaluation of how a future event will unfold. I would rather be called crazy than not use a skill that is powerful when used correctly. That is the fault of my government and their military based technology.

Patterns in fighting drainage issues in this area show a disturbing sign of engaging women in forms of prostitution and slavery. Defamation and isolation bring about rifts that make it easier to displace women. The Events are timed and often include biased information. By events I mean mass surveillance events, something I’ve written about for decades.


As a Data Analyst, “Company Shredder”,  I see data differently than the average person. The tourism industry was driven by computers in the 1970’s, it took decades for other industries to follow. I was training people on computer reservations systems in my teens, in the 70’s.  I’m now in my 60’s.

These are the stories of a “Company Shredder” at SciReal Films, the idea for a studio I created in the 1990’s. The concept behind my geocities website for self-trained filmmakers with resources linked and reviews.

End of Interview with ME.

  • The Gudgeonville Covered Bridge was a 84-foot long Multiple King-post Truss covered bridge over Elk Creek in Girard Township, Erie County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Wikipedia